Has some of that negative feedback on the Pokédex - which I'm sorry to dwell on - had much of an impact on morale at Game Freak? I know you've mentioned that you're personally disappointed to not be able to include all of the Pokémon. 
Did the team feel saddened by the reaction at all?


Of course, you know, you see these sort of negative comments and it does, as a developer, make you feel a bit down about certain things. 
But at the same time, you have to take criticism. 
For example with Pokémon Let's Go, early on there were a lot of comments that it was too easy, or it was kind of a bit too "kid-focused" and that sort of thing. 
That sort of comment is something you see, and you take on board, and really try and base improvements in the next game on the feedback you received from the last one.


So, with regards to the Pokédex issue in particular that you've mentioned, that was something that was a really hard decision internally, there were a lot of discussions about which direction we should take that in, and ultimately we felt that, for the overall game, focusing on creating the richest experience we could within that game, leaving the Pokédex as we did was the best solution overall.

特に先程言及したポケモン図鑑の問題については、内部的に特に難しい決定でした。ですが、どの方向に進むべきか多くの議論があり、最終的には ゲーム内で可能な限り豊かな体験を作成することに焦点を合わせ、全体的に最高の結果になるであろうポケモンを残しました。